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February 22-28, 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Kyrgyzstan
Posted on February 28, 2015

Compiled by Caitlin Murphy

*All articles translated from Russian, unless otherwise indicated*


1. Health, 24 February 2015
Kyrgyzstan included on list of countries with citizens at extreme health risk

  • The list was produced by the NGO International SOS.
  • In Kyrgyzstan there is reportedly a high risk of catching infection, and a lack of quality health care.
  • There is also a shortage of essential, quality drugs, and there are improper practices of the storage of medicines.

2. Crime 25 February 2015
Illegal weapons Cache found in Issyk-Kul region

  • A man in Issyk-Kul was arrested by local police after a cache of weapons were found on his property.
  • Rifles, pistols, bombs, Kalashnikovs, and bullets were all found on the property. 27 February 2015
Prosecutors have begun the investigation on a terrorist cell discovered in the IssykKul region of Kazakhstan

  • The three men arrested have been identified as members of Islamic extremist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir.
  • The men were found in the possession of illegal extremist materials.

3. Freedom of Speech, 25 February 2015
Media Technologist claims Kyrgyz President led a crusade against the press

  • A Kyrgyz media technologist has criticized the notion of ‘freedom of speech’ in Kyrgyzstan.
  • He claims that improving international rankings on freedom of speech in the country are bogus.
  • In Kyrgyzstan anyone can register a media outlet, and there is also plurality represented in Kyrgyz media.
  • However, according to the referenced technologist, freedom of speech should mean society’s control over the state.
  • What is more, freedom of speech also means the ability to criticize the presidents or promote gay rights, which you can’t do in Kyrgyzstan.
  • He indicated that the Ministry of Justice is currently working to strengthen the government’s hold on the media.

4. Society

27 February 2015
Rally in front of Belarussian embassy demanding the extradition of past Kyrgyz president, Kurmanbek Bakiyev

  • About 30 people attended the rally- members of the NGO “Aikol Ala-Too,” and participants in the 2010 presidential coup.
  • They claim that Belarus is covering up for the criminal activity of the former president.
  • Current President Atambayev has also called for the extradition of Bakiyev.
  • In 2010 Bakiyev fled the country to Belarus following riots that broke out in Bishkek.
  • The Kyrgyz population rioted after he as accused of being corrupt, and his office as being dictatorial.
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