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28 August - 3 September 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Kenya
Posted on September 8, 2015

Compiled by Pierre-Philippe Turnbull

  1. ICC
  2. Al Shabaab


1.    ICC
State Owned Media

Ruling on William Ruto case is illegal, AG says (Daily Nation News, September 3 2015)

  • The Attorney-General has said Deputy President William Ruto’s case at the International Criminal Court is not receiving any less attention than that given to the President’s.
  • “I am surprised to hear people say we have done nothing about the case. We applied to be enjoined in the case as amicus curiae but the application was turned down. We will continue to engage the court because that is our responsibility as a state party.” He claimed.
  • Opponents of the ICC, however, continue to claim that the case against Ruto is illegal, and that it should be dropped.

Kenya: DP Ruto Haunted By ICC Loophole (All Africa News, September 3 2015)

  • Kenyan legal heavyweights failed to detect a loophole in an amendment to ICC rules that the court is now using in Deputy President William Ruto's case
  • After successfully pushing for trial in absentia of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto, a Kenyan delegation led by Attorney General Githu Muigai accepted the controversial amendment that has now returned to haunt Ruto.
  • ICC judges, using that amended law case now admit the testimony of five “hostile witnesses”


Kenya: List of Alleged Murdered and Missing ICC Witnesses Draws Mixed Reaction Online (All Africa News, August 31 2015)

  • A Facebook user has reportedly posted an alleged list of ICC witnesses killed and missing in Kenya.
  • The conversation rages on. Questions are still being raised on the authenticity of the list. Some argue that this is a well-orchestrated action by IT technocrats to fake the list and emboss the writings on a water mark to make it look genuine.
  • People questioned the credibility of the list.
  • Since information was missing, also, many questioned why the list did not have the victim's identification card numbers and their birth dates.
  • The ICC witness protection program has been under fire in Kenya throughout the ICC trials in the country.
2. Al Shabaab

Al-Shabaab kills 'over 50' Amisom soldiers, say Western sources (Daily Nation News, September 2 2015)

  • At least 50 African Union soldiers are believed to have been killed and another 50 are missing after Al-Shabaab militants overran a military camp in southern Somalia near the Kenyan border.
  • There are fears that this number will rise as more attacks have been occurring in recent days
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