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25 June-25 July, 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Kenya
Posted on June 24, 2015


  1. International Criminal COurt
  2. Clan fighting
  3. Al Shabaab


1. International Criminal Court

Prosecution says it has evidence of Ruto ICC witness bribery (Capital News June 25 2015)

  • Senior Trial Attorney Anton Steynberg told the court that because of bribery and intimidation, six of the prosecution’s witnesses recanted their evidence or refused to testify at the trial stage.
  • “We have evidence from certain witnesses relating to attempts to bribe them and in the analogy of attempts to bribe other witnesses but we don’t have the complete picture,” he explained.
  • The prosecution gave strong reasons why original statements of the six witnesses should be admitted, explained that it had evidence to back its claims and warranted the request. It was such interference that led to the withdrawal of one of its witnesses and five others to recant their original statements.

Fatou Bensouda tables ‘PNU dossier’ (Daily Nation, July 5 2015)

  • International Criminal Court Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is seeking to admit as evidence a document that was allegedly authored by the Party of National Unity government against Deputy President William Ruto.
  • The document identifies Mr Ruto to be acting with others, referred to as the Network, in committing crimes against humanity.
  • Mr Ruto is also jointly accused with radio journalist Joshua arap Sang for alleged involvement in crimes against humanity that occurred in the Rift Valley region during chaos that followed the controversial 2007 general elections after PNU’s Mwai Kibaki was declared president, triggering an outcry by his rival Raila Odinga’s camp.

William Ruto vows to defend Kenya against homosexuality (Daily Nation, July 5 2015)

  • Deputy President William Ruto has insisted Kenya will not tolerate gay practices, terming them unchristian.
  • His stance against homosexuality comes days before the arrival in the country of US President Barrack Obama.
  • He asked Christians and Muslims to stand and defend their faiths and resist any attempts to legalise gay unions in the country.

Probe wanting, admits Bensouda (Daily Nation, July 12 2015)

  • The Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) has, for the first time, admitted to making blunders in handling the post-election violence cases.
  • In its 2016-2018 strategic plan, which was released late last week, the OTP, which is headed by Ms Fatou Bensouda, admitted that its investigations into the cases against six Kenyans were wanting.
  • The OTP ended up in a difficult position after key evidence was found to be unreliable. It also criticised its own preparedness to take the cases for trial.
  • The lack of strong evidence led to the collapse of four cases, including the one against President Uhuru Kenyatta, which was terminated in March, after Ms Bensouda withdrew it in December 2014.

ICC rejects Fatou Bensouda's file in Ruto and Sang case (Daily Nation July 22 2015)

  • ICC judges have rejected a key document that Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda sought to use as evidence to prove charges of crimes against humanity facing Deputy President William Ruto.
  • The report had key information, was authentic and was reliable, she told judges.
  • It was overall rejected the document, saying it had little value to the prosecution's allegations.
  • “There is no information as to the provenance of the information set down in the report by the author of the report” – said the ICC officials
  • Mr Ruto’s lawyers had opposed admission of the document, arguing it was not authentic, and that it was part of a scheme to falsely hold Mr Ruto responsible for the crimes committed.
2. Clan fighting

Nine killed in Mandera attack by clan militia from Somalia (Daily Nation, July 2 2015)

  • Nine people were killed and six others injured in Arabia, Mandera County, in an attack by a clan militia from Somalia.
  • Northeastern Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh said the Marhani militia crossed into Kenya and attacked herdsmen from the Murule clan.
  • "We are hoping there will be no more attacks in the area but the attackers are not Al-Shabaab," said Mr Saleh.
3. Al Shabaab

Kenya: Al Shabaab Kills 14 People in Mandera (Capital FM, July 7 2015)

  • "The attack occurred at a village near a large livestock market just outside the town". People were sleeping when the attack occurred
  • The incident is the latest in a series of attacks on villagers in the county and was immediately blamed on Al Shabaab militants who have previously executed more than 200 people in the region.


Al Shabaab Set Up Camp in Boni Forest (All Africa News, July 20 2015)

  • Al Shabaab militants have set up permanent bases in the vast Boni Forest, where they live with their families – according to Star Media.
  • It is said that about 300 militiamen and their families reside in a secluded part of the forest
  • The disclosure came a day after militants ambushed a police van in Lamu, killing five people.
  • The forest borders the Indian Ocean and stretches all the way to the Kenya-Somalia border in Lamu and onward to Hulugho in Garissa.
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