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23-30 July 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Kenya (23-30 July 2015)
Posted on July 30, 2015


  1. President Barack Obama in Kenya
  2. Al-Shabaab


1. President Barack Obama in Kenya

Barack Obama will not meet William Ruto separately (Daily Nation, July 23 2015)

  • US President Barack Obama will not meet Deputy President William Ruto separately, the White House has confirmed.
  • The decision comes amid security fears, as well as concerns with human rights abuse and corruption linked to Mr Ruto.
  • William Ruto is still faceing Crimes Against Humanity charges in from of the ICC
  • Instead, President Obama plans to meet family at certain functions in Nairobi.

Kenya: Barack Obama Urges Electoral Reforms in Kenya (All Africa News, July 26 2015)

  • US President Barack Obama has asked Kenya to reform its politics, saying zoning the country into regions and tribes was likely to tear it apart. The report had key information, was authentic and was reliable, she told judges.
  • "Democracy begins with elections, it does not stop with elections. For this system to succeed, we also have to have room for citizens to exercise their rights," said Obama.
  • His comments come after the Jubilee government cracked down on NGOs that were suspected of funding Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia.
2. Al-Shabaab

Kenya: Three Al-Shabaab Killed, Five KDF Soldiers Injured in Basuba, Lamu County (All Africa News, July 29 2015)

  • Three members of the Al-Shabaab were killed near Basuba area in Lamu County on Wednesday in a battle with Kenya Defence Forces.
  • The troops were on patrol when the attack occurred
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