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April 17-24, 2015

Media Monitoring Report for Kenya
Posted on May 19, 2015

Kenya and Tanzania to join forces in the fight against terrorism
(Standard News, April 22, 2015)

  • Outgoing Tanzania High Commissioner to Kenya, Batilda Burian said her country would work closely with Kenya in combating terrorism among other criminal activities.
  • “We have to work together as countries in our region to eliminate terrorism activities for the sake of peace and development,” said the Kenyan Deputy President
  • Kenyan and Tanzania have been experiencing good relations lately

Kenya backpedals on closure of Somali refugee camp 
(IRIN News, April 29 2015)

  • Kenya appears to have softened its stance on the imminent closure of a camp hosting more than a third of a million Somali refugees, weeks after the deputy president announced it would happen within three months, as he reacted to the massacre at Garissa University.
  • On 11 April, Deputy President William Ruto announced that the Kenyan government had asked UNHCR, “to relocate the refugees [in Dadaab] within three months, failure to which we shall relocate them ourselves.”
  • Back in 2013, Kenya, Somalia and the UNHCR signed a tripartite agreement in which all parties committed themselves to the principle of voluntary return. Kenya remains engaged with the tripartite process and, according to the UNHCR, on 29 April took part in a technical committee meeting convened to discuss the agreement’s implementation.
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