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3-9 July 2015

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Iran
Posted on July 17, 2015


Compiled by Hussain Shorish

  1. Situation of prisoners
1. Situation of prisoners
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Human Rights News Activists Agency (

  • The summer can get extremely hot in Iran, especially in prison such as the Rajai Sahr where prisoners purchased ventilation equipment themselves.
  • According to reports by HRANA, the prisoners purchased gas coolers last winter and only one of them was delivered. They bought the equipment from their own expense and gained permission by the chairman of security and inspection.
  • Rajai Shahr prison is allocated to prisoners of conscience, Sunnis, and about ninety Sunni prisoners are kept there.


Iran Human Rights (

  • Plaintiffs have pardoned three prisoners with death sentences. They were reportedly arrested in 2010 and charged with murdering a husband and wife. They are detained in Bandar Abbas Prison, in the province of Hormozgan.


People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (

  • A Kurdist student activist has been sentence to Mariwan Central Prison after being accused of “propaganda against the state” and “illegal crossing of borders.” Meanwhile, another Kurdish student in Sanandaj’s Payam Nour University, western Iran, was summoned on June 17 to the Sanandaj Intelligence Department and has been held in detention at this location ever since. His family’s follow-ups have remained unanswered and the authorities have not announced the reason of his arrest.
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