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29 February-6 March 2016

Weekly Media Monitoring report for the Central African Republic
Posted on March 11, 2016


Compiled by Christina Murphy

  1. Touadera confirmed as president by Constitutional Court
  2.  Violence breaks out near Bambari
1. Touadera confirmed as president by Constitutional Court

"Confirmé président en Centrafrique, Touadera." Voice of America, via Centrafrique Presse Info (CPI), 2 March 2016. In French.

  • The Constitutional Court confirmed that Faustin Archange Touadera officially won the second round of presidential elections in CAR.
  • In an interview with Voice of America, Touadera said that he will make peace and social cohesion his priority.
  • Touadera also called for the disarmament of armed groups in the country and for a renewal of intercommunal dialogue

“La CCT déclare Faustin Archange Touadera président de la République.” Radio Ndeke Luka, 1 March 2016. In French.

  • The Constitutional Court in CAR declared on Tuesday that Faustin Archange Touadera is the official winner of the presidential elections.
  • The Court stated that Touadera won 62.69% of the vote, compared to 37.31% won by his opponent, Anicet Georges Dologuélé.
  • In a statement, Touadera congratulated his opponent and called for peace and social cohesion in the country. 
2. Violence breaks out near Bambari

"Trois civils tués à Bambari jeudi lors d'un affrontement." Radio Ndeke Luka, 4 March 2016. In French.

  • At least three civilians were killed in the town of Bambari during a firefight between armed Antibalaka and Peuhl groups with ties to the ex-Seleka general Ali Darass. 
  • The local hospital reported that an additional three people were injured in the fighting.
  • Local authorities criticized the slow response of gendarmerie and MINUSCA troops in Bambari, who they said refused to engage to stop the fighting.

"Bambari bascule à nouveau dans les violences communautaires." APA, via AfricaTime, 4 March 2016. In French. 

  • Violence has broken out in the town of Bambari, approximately 300 km from Bangui.
  • According to certain sources, the violence started when a group of armed Peuhls kidnapped a dozen women near a camp for internally displaced people.
  • In recent days there has also been fighting between antibalaka and ex-Seleka groups in the town of Alindao, 120 km from Bambari, following the disappearance of two Muslim youths.

"Armed men kill 12 in Central African Republic." Voice of America, 6 March 2016. In English.

  • At least 12 people have been killed in the town of Bambari in recent days.
  • Local officials reportedly said that this latest violence is likely related to livestock rustling or interethnic fighting involving nomadic Peuhls.
  • This is the first episode of violence in the country since the election of the new president, Fautin Archange Touadera. 
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