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1-7 February 2016

Weekly Media Monitoring report for the Central African Republic
Posted on February 11, 2016


Compiled by Christina Murphy

  1. LRA attack near Bangassou, hostages takenLRA attack near Bangassou, hostages taken
1. LRA attack near Bangassou, hostages taken


“Attaque de la LRA près de Bangassou: des personnes prises en otage.” Radio Ndeke Luka, 4 February 2016. In French

  • Members of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) attacked the village of Mabo, about 45 kilometers outside of Bangassou.
  • At least twenty people were taken hostage and were forced to carry food and supplies from the village.
  • The attack halted all activity in the village and many residents fled into the surrounding forest.
  • This is the most recent of a string of attacks on villages in CAR in recent weeks. In each instance, LRA soldiers have pillaged food and supplies and taken people hostage.



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