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11-17 January 2016

Weekly Media Monitoring report for the Central African Republic
Posted on January 25, 2016


Compiled by Christina Murphy

Report content:

  1. Lord's Resistance Army kills one, kidnaps dozens in CAR
  2. Presidential candidates call for recount



1. Lord's Resistance Army kills one, kidnaps dozens in CAR 

"Lord's Resistance Army kidnaps dozens in Central African Republic." Reuters, 12 January 2016. In English. 

  • Fighters from the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) killed at least one person and kidnapped dozens of people in two raids in a mining area near the town of Diya in eastern CAR.
  • This is the largest kidnapping to date by the LRA in Central African Republic. 


2. Presidential candidates call for recount 

"Two Central African presidential candidates call for vote recount." Reuters, 12 January 2016. In English. 

  • Two presidential candidates, Andre Kolingba and Martin Ziguele, are calling for a manual recount of ballots in the recent first round of presidential elections in CAR.
  • Kolingba and Ziguele have stated that widespread irregularities in the voting undermine the credibility of the results.
  • Both candidates have lodged a complaint with the Constitutional Court, which is charged with certifying the results. 

Kendemeh, Emmanuel. "Central Africa: Candidates File Petitions." Cameroon Tribune, via, 13 January 2016. In English. 

  • Presidential candidates in the Central African Republic have filed petitions with the Constitutional Court, calling for a manual recount of all votes and a check of all steps in the electoral campaign.
  • Martin Ziguele, who came in fourth and has filed a petition with the court, has claimed that there were discrepancies between the results sheets sent to the National Electoral Authority and the partial results declared.


3. New allegations of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers

"UN peacekeepers in Central African Republic face fresh abuse claims." The Guardian, 5 January 2016. In English.

  • The UN mission in Bangui has received new claims of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers in CAR. The claims involve at least four young girls.
  • The UN spokesman who announced the new claims did not say which troop-contributing countries are involved, but said that the UN has asked three countries whose troops were involved to investigate the claims.
  • These are the latest in a series of sexual abuse cases in CAR, which led to the firing of the mission chief last year.

"Encore un cas d'abus sexuel sur mineures par les casques bleus en RCA." Radio Ndeke Luka, 6 January 2016. In French.

  • The United Nations announced that they are investigating four new cases of sexual abuse against minors committed by UN peacekeeping soldiers.
  • These cases reportedly involved peacekeepers sexually exploiting four minor girls in displacement camps near Bangui in exchange for food.
  • These latest cases bring the total number of allegations of sexual misconduct against UN troops to 26. 
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