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12-18 October 2015

Weekly Media Monitoring report for the Central African Republic
Posted on October 26, 2015


Compiled by Christina Murphy

1. Three killed in Bangui fighting
1. Three killed in Bangui fighting

"Four wounded in violence in Central African Republic capital." Reuters, 16 October 2015. In English.

  • Four people were wounded when a Christian anti-balaka militia attacked the majority Muslim neighborhood of PK-5 in Bangui on Thursday 15 October. It is unknown whether anyone was killed in the attacks.
  • According to a neighborhood spokesman, UN peacekeeping forces arrived in the neighborhood too late to stop the attack.

"3 killed in violence in Central African Republic." The Washington Post, 16 October 2015. In English.

  • According to local and United Nations sources, at least three people were killed and several others wounded in an attack on the PK-5 neighborhood of Bangui. Several homes were burned as well.
  • This latest round of violence reportedly began when a group of Muslim boys were attacked while playing soccer near the non-Muslim area of Yakite.
  • Both the ex-Seleka and anti-balaka groups denied involvement in the violence.

"Tension dans le 3e arrondissement, au moins trois morts." Radio Ndeke Luka, 16 October 2015. In French.

  • Three people were killed and a dozen were wounded when fighting broke out between ex-Seleka and anti-balaka fighters in Bangui's 3rd arrondissement.
  • The violence began when anti-balaka fighters fired on a group of Muslim youth playing soccer near the Yakite bridge.
  • The UN mission condemned the attack and said that UN peacekeepers were in control of the situation. 
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