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December 16 2012 - January 3, 2013

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Burundi
Posted on January 4, 2013


Compiled by Katalin Berényi, MIGS Desk Officer for Burundi 

  1. Burundian govenment and the use of force
  2. 30-years-rule is unfair, special jurisdiction needed for repatriated
1. Burundian government and the use of force
Net Press, privately-owned media

’Le gouvernement du Burundi aveuglé par son esprit d’usage de la force’, Dec 20 2012 

  • The way the Burundian government seeks to stop and manage the strikes of the Synapa ( National Federation of Paramedical Personnel and Nurses) worries many in the country and elsewhere, since it greatly involves the use of force, instead of the means of dialogue
    According to the reports of provincial correspondants of local media organs, the police was mobilized to manage the strikes at all price, penetrating into hospitals and other health centres to force their personnel to stop their strike
  • Police aggressions are the direct proof that the government has been trying to make order in the country by using force, instead of urging constructive dialogue between the stakeholders
  • On the other hand, these police aggressions in health institutions are putting patients who need urgent health services seriously in danger 
  • Therefore, the question arises why the Burundian government needs to take such desperate measures, namely the use of force, to legitimize its power in the country, instead of putting the Burundians’ needs and welfare first?
  • However, it equally needs to be considered that hospital personnel generally do have a social responsibility as well vis-à-vis those in need (especially doctors)
  • Therefore, due to the tangible character of the health sector it is clear that the question must be solved urgently in order to re-establish the continuation of primary health care service sin Burundi which is the interest of the government as well 
  • Nevertheless, the government must carefully choose its means of resolving this problem and must listen to the demands of the Synapa to proceed to solutions as soon as possible 
2. 30-years-rule is unfair, special jurisdiction needed for repatriated
Iwacu, Burundian independent media

’Rumonge: les repatriés réclament une juridiction spéciale, face au principe de prescription trentenaire’, by Félix X, Dec 21 2012

  • According to the Association of Burundian Repatriated (URB), the principle of the 30-years-rule is ’unfair considering that the repatriated Burundians did not abandon their belongings at their own will, they were forced to leave their belongings behind to save their lives 
  • The 30-years-rule stipulates that someone who occupies a land for mre than 30 years without any claim of a third party, is to become the owner of the land 
  • Therefore, according to the URB, the solution could be a special jurisdiction to deal with these particular legal cases
  • Apart from the special jurisdiction, the URB recommends to create a fund to finance the compensation of those repatriated Burundians who have lost their lands and belongings when escaping from the civil war 
  • This would be a necessary step, since there are severe tensions in the provinces of Bururi and Makamba because of the issue of land disputes
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