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January 25-31, 2013

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Burundi
Posted on January 31, 2013


Compiled by Katalin Berényi, MIGS Desk Officer for Burundi 

  1. Freedom of speech in Burundi - Two interpretations
  2. Difficult living conditions of repatriated refugees 
1. Freedom of speech in Burundi - Two interpretations
Net Press, privately-owned media

’La liberté d’expression jugée différemment par le pouvoir et l’opposition’
Jan 25 2013

  • Recently in the framework of the TV programme ’Forum Citoyen’ (Télé-Renaissance), the host moderated a political debate between Aimé Nkurunziza, member of the National Assembly and member of the CNDD-FDD and Chauvineau Mugwengezo, spokesperson of the radical opposition party ADC Ikibiri concerning freedom of speech in Burundi 
  • According to Mr. Nkurunziza, freedom of speech is a reality in the country and is exercised according to the international conventions on human rights, 
  • His debate partner representing the political opposition strongly disagreed, indicating that „sadly, very often when members of his party express their point of view on a certain issue in order to contribute to the constructive future of Burundi, they are viewed as ennemies of the country” 
2. Difficult living conditions of repatriated refugees
Iwacu, independent media

’Nyanza-Lac: dures conditions de vie pour les repatriés’
by Christian Bigirimana, Jan 28 2013

  • Refugees who have been repatriated from Mtabila (Tanzania) now live in transit in refugee camps and seek to start over their lives in their homeland. However, their current living conditions make it quite difficult, especially due to the lack of drinking water
  • Since the end of 2012, 100 repatriated refugees live in the tents set up by the UNHCR
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