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January 18-24, 2013

Weekly Media Monitoring report for Burundi
Posted on January 31, 2013


Compiled by Katalin Berényi, MIGS Desk Officer for Burundi 

  1. Peaceful walk for Ruvakuki goes on
  2. Progress with restraints 
1. Peaceful walk for Ruvakuki goes on
Net Press, privately-owned media

’Poursuite de la marche pacifique des journalistes pour réclamer justice pour Ruvakuki’
Jan 22 2013

  • For the second time, approximately a hundred of Burundian journalists walked peacefully on January 22nd 2013 in front of the palace of justice under police observation demanding the liberation of Bonesha FM reporter and RFI correspondent Hassan Ruvakuki 
  • This solidarity movement called ’Parquet’ will take place every Tueday until the eventual liberation of the journalist whose imprisonment is unacceptable for not only Burundian media but also for the international community
2. Progress with restraints
UN News

’Burundi: Despite Progress, Burundi Needs Assistance to Ease Poverty, Tensions’, UN Official, Jan 24 2013 

  • According to a UN envoy, „Burundi continues to make steady progress in strengthening governance and recovering from recurrent strife, but given persistent political tensions and poverty, support from the international community is still required”
  • “Lifting a country out of poverty and healing the wounds of long-term and cyclical violence are immense challenges,” the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Burundi and head of the UN office in Burundi, Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, told the Security Council in a briefing on 24th Janury 2013
  • Mr. Onanga-Anyanga emphasized that with the upcoming elections, sustained international political engagement would be required to effectively overcome the two-year deadlock between the Government and opposition parties following the boycott of the 2010 elections which could occur at the next elections as well in 2015
  • Mr. Onanga-Anyanga equally highlighted that over the course of the coming year, Mr. Ban Ki-moon intended to field a Strategic Assessment Mission to enable further consideration of the future UN presence in Burundi, in the effort “to help achieve the vision of consolidating a vibrant democracy where all citizens could live in peace and freedom,” he said.
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