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Media coverage January-June 2021

Posted on August 30, 2021

28 December

Ewelina Ochab published two other articles in Forbes titled “Ten Hong-Kong Pro-Democracy Activists Facing Trial In Shenzhen” and “Why Does No One Care About Genocide?”.  

31 December

Phil Gurski published a new blog post titled “Terrorism In Nigeria Appears To Have No End In Sight.”

6 February  

MIGS project coordinator Marie Lamensch was quoted in an article in La Presse titled Les femmes, cibles de la guerre démographique au Xinjiang

9 February  

MIGS’ work against COVID-19 disinformation is mentioned in an article titled “Ongoing Support for Research and Media Literacy Projects as Canada Continues to Fight Online Disinformation.”

12 February  

Lt.-Gen Roméo Dallaire co-authored an article in iPolitic titled “The international day against the use of child soldiers.”

16 February  

MIGS Fellow Ewelina Ochab published an article in Forbes Mass Atrocities, Including The Use Of Rape And Sexual Violence, In The Tigray Region Of Ethiopia

17 February  

MIGS Fellow Michael Petrou published article in Open CanadaOpaque by default: How Global Affairs Canada hid behind the Access to Information Act for eight years to avoid disclosing embarrassing information

25 February  

Naomi Kikoler spoke about the repercussions of the coup in Burma for the Rohingya on the podcast USCIRF Spotlight.

27 February  

Marie Lamensch wrote an article for Global News titled “Parliament’s recognition of Uyghur genocide sends strong message”.

Kyle Matthews was also quoted in the Global News article “No Hoax: Fighting COVID-19 has meant tackling conspiracy theories, even within families”.

2 March  

Marie Lamensch was quoted in the Montreal Gazette article “Online hate a regular occurrence for women, visible minorities in media”.

3 March  

MIGS Digital Fellow Mark Kersten published a piece titled “Can Colombia’s Special Jurisdiction for Peace be considered slow? A preliminary comparative study of trials for international crimes”

4 March   

Ewelina U. Ochab wrote an article in Forbes titled “Iraq Adopts New Law To Assist Survivors Of The Daesh Genocide”.

9 March  

Marie Lamensch wrote an article for the Centre for International Governance Innovation titled “The Cost of an Internet Shutdown”.

10 March  

Kyle Matthews spoke to CPAC about a new report on the repression of the Uyghurs in China. He is also quoted in the Ottawa Citizen article “Don’t Expect Canada to Act on Genocide Findongs Against China”.

Roméo Dallaire gave an interview to CBC Power & Politics titled “Roméo Dallaire urges Canada to act on 'genocide' in China”

MIGS Digital Fellow Phil Gurski interviewed Kyle Matthews about the genocide of the Uyghurs on his podcast Canadian Intelligence Eh!

11 March  

MIGS Digital Fellow Mark Kersten published a piece titled “Canada’s Pursuit of Syria over Torture May be Symbolic. But Here’s Why It Matters” on his blog Justice Conflict

14 March

Senior Distinguished Fellow Romeo Dallaire spoke to Radio-Canada about the ongoing genocide of the Uyghurs and Canada’s need to act.

15 March  

Marie Lamensch was quoted in Chatelaine in an article titled “Canada Recognized China's Actions Against Uyghurs As Genocide. Here's What You Need To Know”.

17 March  

Kyle Matthews wrote an op-ed for OpenCanada titled “Confronting China, together”

19 March  

MIGS Fellow Michael Petrou wrote an op-ed in the Toronto Star titled “Trying not to offend China is a loser’s game. It’s time Justin Trudeau took a stand”.

29 March  

Kyle Mathews and MIGS’ project officer Lauren Salim wrote an op-ed in the Hill Times titled “Why Canadians need to take digital disinformation seriously”.

An article was written about Roméo Dallaire in Mirage titled “Roméo Dallaire on “How a better world is possible”: Cooperation between Science and Practice.”

30 March  

MIGS Fellow Fannie Lafontaine was mentioned in an article in The Washington Post titled “Canada is struggling to deport its last known Nazi suspect”.

1 April

MIGS Fellow Naomi Kikoler was quoted in an article published by This Week In Asia titled “Myanmar crisis: don’t wait for UN Security Council nod to punish junta, Suu Kyi ally and experts say”. 

3 April  

Ewelina U. Ochab wrote an article in Forbes titled “U.N. Warns: A Bloodbath In Myanmar Is Imminent.”

4 April  

Marie Lamensch was interviewed by CTV about online threats and hate speech against female politicians and journalists

CBC published an archival piece about Romeo Dallaire titled “The making of a general, Roméo Dallaire.”

Ewelina U. Ochab wrote an article in Forbes titled “G7 Foreign Ministers Condemn Atrocity Crimes In Tigray”.

6 April

Marie Lamensch was quoted in La Presse in an article titled “A report on the role of France fuels controversy”.

9 April 2021

MIGS Fellow Dr. Joana Cook interviewed NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges David van Weel for International Centre for Counter-Terrorism. 

13 April 

MIGS Fellow Andrei Serbin Pont was featured on the WOLA podcast in an episode titled “The Venezuela Briefing: Armed Conflict in Apure”.

22 April  

Marie Lamensch wrote an article for the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) titled “When Women Are Silenced Online, Democracy Suffers”.

MIGS’ Digital Fellow Ewelina U. Ochab wrote two articles in Forbes titled “British Parliamentarians Recognize The Atrocities Against The Uyghurs As Genocide” and “President Biden Makes History Recognizing The Armenian Genocide At Last”.

26 April  

Andrei Serbin Pont was quoted in the New York Times article “Terrorist Group Steps Into Venezuela as Lawlessness Grows”. 

29 April  

Kyle Matthews and Marie Lamensch wrote an article in Policy Magazine titled “Technology vs. Human Rights: Notes from the MIGS AI Forum”

28 May

Kyle Matthews is quoted in the La Presse article  “Génocide rwandais La France demande pardon pour son rôle « accablant ».”

1 June

Ewelina Ochab wrote an article in Forbes titled “Children In Tigray Are Not Spared, But Too Easily Forgotten” and “Ethiopia on the Brink of Famine.”

6 June

Kyle Matthews was quoted in an article in Voice of America discussing China’s influence and the risk of digital totalitarianism. 

8 June

Marie Lamensch spoke to CBC’s Breakaway about MIGS’ Canadian Women Leaders' Digital Defence Initiative.

14 June

Fannie Lafontaine wrote an article in the National Post titled “How Canada committed genocide against Indigenous Peoples, explained by the lawyer central to the determination.”  She also wrote an article in La Presse titled “Violence contre les Autochtones : un génocide.”

19 June

On the Monocle 24’s new episode of the Foreign Desk, Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire spoke about the crisis in Syria, Myanmar, Tigray, and Xinjiang. 

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