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Media coverage October-December 2018

Posted on June 21, 2019

October 14

Fellow Fanny Lafontaine co-wrote an opinion piece for the Canadian Centre for International Justice titled, “What Canada can do now to Bring Justice for the Rohingya.”

October 16

Digital Fellow Phil Gurski was interviewed by Global News on the potential Ontario bill to strip returning extremist fighters of licenses and benefits.

October 17

Kyle Matthews wrote an opinion piece titled, “Why Canada must prosecute returning ISIS fighters” in The Conversation, which was re-published in theBusiness Insider, Calgary Herald, Global News, The Chronicle Herald and theNational Post.

October 18

Kyle Mathews was interviewed on the Global News radio show, Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge. The episode is titled “The Case for Prosecuting ISIS Returnees” and can be found here.

October 20

Kyle Matthews was interviewed for Global News’ Roy Green Show on the need to prosecute returning foreign ISIS fighters. Listen to the full podcast here.

October 21

Fellow Andrei Serbin Pont was quoted in an article for El Independiente about Cuba’s potential for reform under its new president.

October 22

Kyle Matthews was quoted in an editorial by Le Devoir titled, “Combattants du groupe EI: non à l’impunité.”

October 22

Fellow Michael Petrou published an article for Open Canada about the US and Canada’s treatment of Saudi Arabia.

October 23

Digital Fellow Phil Gurski was interviewed on CBC’s radio show, The Current, about whether alleged foreign fighters for ISIS -- such as Jack Letts – should be brought back to Canada. Listen to the episode here.

October 23

Kyle Matthews was interviewed by CTV Montreal on the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Watch the interview here.

October 25

Kyle Mathews was interviewed by Shawn Apel on his CBC radio show, Radio Noon Montreal. On the episode, “Is it Time to get Tough on Saudi Arabia?” they discussed the recent events surrounding Saudi Arabia and what actions Canada should take in response to such events.  

October 29

Marie Lamensch is quoted in The National Observer Canada’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.


November 7

Digital Fellow Ewelina Ochab was quoted in a Huffington Post article about the imprisonment of Asia Bibi in Pakistan.

November 12

Digital Fellow Phil Gurski wrote an article for Ottawa Citizen about the problems with linking terrorism and immigration in Canada and elsewhere.

November 16

Digital Fellow Anne Speckhard was quoted in a Global News article by Geoff Currier titled “Children of Canadian ISIS Fighters shouldn’t have to pay for parents crimes”  

November 18

Digital Fellow Anne Speckhard was quoted in an article about the return of ISIS foreign fighters to Jordan.

November 21

Kyle Matthews appeared on Breakfast Television Montreal to discuss Donald Trump’s response to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

November 28

Fellow Michael Petrou wrote an article for OpenCanada titled “Why Europe’s proposed new army is a problem for Canada.”

November 29

The Montreal Times covered a talk co-hosted by MIGS, given by intellectual and writer John Ralston Saul about the fight for Freedom of Expression around the world in October. Read the article here.


Kyle Matthews was a guest on Global News Radio where he discussed the ceasefire agreement in Yemen.

December 20

 MIGS fellow Michael Petrou published an article on titled “Syria’s Next Chapter”.

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