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Dr. Jason Bramburger featured on the front page of SIAM News

October 2, 2023
By Christopher Plenzich

Dr. Jason Bramburger, from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia University, was recently featured on the front page of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics News (SIAM News). The article, titled "The Emerging Utility of Graphons in Applied Math" has gained international recognition among subscribers to the newsjournal.

Dr. Bramburger's article focuses on graphs and networks, which play a crucial role in modern science. These mathematical constructs help researchers understand a wide range of systems, including social networks, chemical reactions, and the complex networks within our brains.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics would like to extend their congratulations to Dr. Bramburger for this notable accomplishment.

From the article:

Graphs and networks are omnipresent in modern science. In their simplest form, graphs consist of three components: (i) A set of vertices, (ii) a set of edges that connect the vertices, and (iii) weights that are assigned to each edge and describe the strength of the connection between vertices. We utilize graphs to characterize almost any system with connections between two or more objects, such as social networks, chemical reactions, food webs, and neurons in the brain. The use of networks to understand complex processes in the brain has even led to theoretical advancements in neural networks, which form the foundation for the machine learning innovations that are currently transforming our society.

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