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CHEM 419s Present and New Undergraduate Researchers Arrive

May 2, 2024

Paola, Jahnai, and Amanda (from left to right) presenting their CHEM 419 research projects at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Day.

Congratulations to Jahnai Francis, Paola Koçiu, and Amanda Savard who all successfully presented their BSc Specialization (CHEM 419) research to the department! All three undergraduate researchers are wrapping up their BSc degrees at Concordia and we wish them best of luck in whatever they end up doing next.

Étienne Bisson and Kiersten Hiebert have joined the lab for the summer as undergraduate researchers. Étienne is a Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award holder and a member of the Co-op Institute while Kiersten is joining us from U Winnipeg as part of the Inorganic Chemistry Exchange.

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