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Effects of extended conjugation of dyes for photocathodes paper published

March 18, 2024

Dr Zujhar Singh together with Joseph Chiong have reported on the effect of increasing photosensitizing donor-chromophore-acceptor conjugation for the fabrication of photocathodes in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Dalton Transactions. This work has shown that charge injection into a semiconductor proceeds regardless of the complexity of the excited state manifold in discrete molecular species (as determined by femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy by our collaborator Dr Saeid Kamal at UBC's LASIR facility). This is our first published report on the photosensitization of photocathodes with copper photosensitizers. Congrats Zujhar and Joseph!

Read the full article "Effects of increasing ligand conjugation in Cu(I) photosensitizers on NiO semiconductor surfaces" in Dalton Transactions.  

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