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Carbonate to Perovskite Paper Published

March 8, 2022

A fluorescence micrograph of perovskite-calcium carbonate microstructures collected at Concordia's Centre for Microscopy and Cellular Imaging.

William Leal's major research contribution on the conversion of electrochemically deposited calcium carbonate microstructures to perovskites has been published in the American Chemical Society journal Crystal Growth & Design. In this work, William (with help from Caroline and Tyler) showed that depositing calcium carbonate (a mineral found in limestone or seashells) on conductive glass substrates leads to unique microstructures where the surface can undergo ion exchange to form perovskites; an inorganic material that exhibits intense photoluminescence and has applications in various solar energy conversion applications. William started this work as an undergraduate CHEM 419 student in our lab, so to see it now finished and in print is extremely satisfying.

Read more about William's work in an open access preprint on ChemRxiv.

Read the final published work in Crystal Growth & Design.

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