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Sustainability Champions at LCDS

April 22, 2020

Concordia's Sustainability Champtions Awards have been announced and we're proud to see the work of LCDS students, faculty,a nd staff recognized! The Sustainability Champions Awards recognize and encourage students, staff and faculty members that are making contributions towards the social, ecological and economic well-being of the university. This year’s winners included LCDS students Megan Clarke and Théo Vergnet and faculty members Shannon Lloyd, Emma Despland, Satoshi Ikeda, and Rebecca Tittler. Megan was recognized for her initiative is founding the Food Cycle project, which redistributes leftover food from events on campus to various charitable organizations and Concordia students in need. Shannon Lloyd was recognized for the revision and redesign of several key courses and her involvement in curriculum projects designed to create opportunities for deeper learning about sustainability. Emma Despland, Satoshi Ikeda, Rebecca Tittler, and Théo Vergnet were recognized along with Carly Ziter and Elizabeth Faure as part of the Loyola Tree Planting Team (pictured here), which organized the tree-planting project described above. Congratulations to all and thank you for the wonderful initiatives!

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