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LTK Award of Excellence 2014

September 1, 2014

Congratulations to Mr. Thomas Stenzel., a consultant from LEARN and former teacher and RECIT from the Riverside School Board who is the fourth recipient of the LTK Award of Excellence.

Roma Medwid (Deputy Director General, EMSB), Bev White (Director, LEARN), Anne Wade (Director, CSLP), Thomas Stenzel

Excerpt from the nomination letter: "In 1999 with the advent of the QEP, the CSLP began what was to become a longstanding collaborative and multi-faceted relationship with Thomas that centered on the design, development and support of two tools within the Learning Toolkit. In fact, Thomas' advice 15 years ago on the importance of integrating portfolios into teaching and learning, was the impetus for the creation of ePortfolio (the first version of ePEARL), and the subsequent environment for young learners was based on the Digital Reading Portfolio that he had developed with a colleague. Following this Thomas was hired on contract to work with the CSLP team to help transform ePortfolio into what is now known as ePEARL given the centre's desire to ensure the tools were relevant, usable, and faithful to the intent of the provincial curriculum. Since that time, he has served as both a technical and pedagogical point person to the CSLP team and has provided informative advice related to both the design and development of ePEARL. Furthermore he has promoted (and continues to promote) the use of both ePEARL and ABRACADABRA throughout Canada, the United Sates and Europe, through a long list of conference presentations and workshops. Thomas' efforts over the past 15 years, not only meets the criteria for this award, but far surpasses them....We will be very sorry to lose Thomas' expertise and involvement in our LTK-related projects as he winds his productive and successful career down and heads into gradual retirement. But we sincerely thank Thomas for his dedication over the years, without which the LTK would not have achieved the positive impact on children's lives that it has."

Bruce Shore (former Associate Director, CSLP), Phil Abrami (Director, CSLP), Norm Segalowitz (former Associate Director, CSLP), Thomas Stenzel

The award was presented by Phil Abrami (Director, CSLP) and Anne Wade (Manager, CSLP) to Mr Stenzel at the CSLP Regroupements Stratégiques celebration in September 2014.

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