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Dr. VK Preston publishes article in journal 'postmedieval'

September 29, 2023

Dr. VK Preston has published their article “Dancing the Kleptocene” in the journal postmedieval.

Below is Dr. Preston’s description of the overall issue and their piece in it:

“The volume’s contributions on dance comprise nearly 400 pages, with wide-ranging perspectives from an article on abolition and anti-racist, coalitional scholarship to writing on silence, Byzantine histories of the virtual, Mexico, and atomic warfare (via Dante). I think there’s fascinating work in the collection if I may toot the editor’s horn (as well as that of the contributors of course).

My contribution addresses dance writing related to colonization in northeastern North America (Montreal and New France) alongside decolonial approaches to such record-making. Locations that arise in the sources include the Chaudière Falls and Victoria Island (where Chief Spence did their 2012-13 hunger strike), Wendat lands in what is today Northern Ontario, Québec, and Montréal—in very early print sources for this part of the world. I approach these documents alongside activism regarding the repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery, performance historiography, and the legal function of accounts of shores & waterways in Jesuit and colonial texts.”


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