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Montréal Signs Project Recognized for its Heritage Value

February 12, 2018
By Matt Soar

On January 11, 2018, Matt Soar (Professor of Communication Studies) and Nancy Marrelli (Archivist Emerita) attended a reception at the Hôtel de ville in celebration of Opération patrimoine Montréal 2017.

Soar and Marrelli received a Mention in the category of Faire Connaître for their work on the Montréal Signs Project, which they cofounded in 2010: "Le jury a voulu souligner l’initiative de mise en valeur de composantes de la culture populaire qui ont fait jadis partie du paysage montréalais. Ce projet invite même à évoquer la notion d’'archéologie commerciale'."

    The Project continues to grow. Recent acquisitions currently being prepared for display include the Silver Dragon Mets Chinois restaurant neon sign, Bottes Imperial, Le Club Sandwich, Moe's Diner, Anjou restaurant, and some 'wayfinding' signs from the STM. These will join 14 other signs on permanent display in the CJ building on the Loyola campus.

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