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2022-2023 Graduates

August 7, 2023

Yellow and orange flowers from the stage at Convocation

The Centre congratulates the 2022-23 Graduates of the Humanities PhD program:

Lamiae Aidi
Representation Otherwise: A Public Pedagogy Contesting Islamophobia through Popular Culture

Hilary Bergen
Dancing Media: The Contagious Movement of Posthuman Bodies

Erik Chevrier
Building Food Sovereign Campuses: A Case Study of the Campus-Community Food Groups at Concordia University

Kelly Arlene Grant
Creating Characters and Costume for Living History Programs in Late Eighteenth-Century North America

Sandra-Jo Huber
Witchy Methodologies: Bewitchment, Shapeshifting, and Communication with More-Than-Human Kin

Gregorio Rodríguez, Jr.
Distinctions of Difference: Race, Queerness, & Homonationalism in Québec Cinema

Sylvain Lavoie
Des chiens et des hommes: de quelques espaces d'espèces du théâtre contemporain au Québec

Carmen Ruschiensky
Survivances: Translating Cultural Memory in Quebec

Gabriel Peña Tijerina
The Sensorial and Spatial Affects of Glass Atmospheres

Elisabeth Roy Trudel
(Re)imagining a Sensing and Feeling Human: On the Creation of Exclusions Through the Visual in International Human Rights

Olga Zikrata
The Sonic Operative: Sound, Activism, and the Politics of Response to Post-Soviet Crises

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