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HUMA PhD Emilie St-Hilaire named Concordia Public Scholar

Congratulations to HUMA PhD Emilie St-Hilaire on becoming a Concordia Public Scholar!

Emilie St-Hilaire is studying the idiosyncratic and widely misunderstood practices of reborn doll collectors from a feminist perspective. Her dissertation examines the queer and uncanny aspects of reborn babies (hyper-realistic dolls). This sub-cultural phenomenon prompts questions regarding non-reproductive mothering, adult play, relationships with surrogate humans, and therapeutic self-care. Emilie’s artistic practice expands on these themes through sculptural, photographic, and video-based productions. Emilie seeks to understand the motivations of collectors and rethink non-human companionship. Can an understanding of the therapeutic benefits of these practices outweigh their uncanniness?

The Public Scholars Program brings to the fore the value of doctoral students by connecting their expertise with the broader public. The program aims to create a community of scholars from across varying disciplines who will actively engage with our wider community and share the significance of their emerging research. For more information on the Public Scholars program see:

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