'Music is the Body' 2016 Interdisciplinary Dialogues Series

Music in the Body poster

The Concordia Humanities Doctoral Program and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture are proud to announce the interdisciplinary panel Music is the Body, aimed at exploring the materiality of sound and music through innovative research and creation projects.

This year, our panel is composed of PhD candidates from Humanities and from the Individualized program (INDI), who will join their expertise in the fields of music, philosophy, media, and digital sound studies to showcase their ongoing research and research-creation projects, as well as to establish a fruitful dialogue among creators and researchers. The panel has been organized by Aurelio Meza (Ph.D. in Humanities) and will be moderated by Ricardo Dal Farra (Music Department, ex-director of Hexagram).

Movement and Boundaries of Irish Music in Prince Edward Island: A Soundscape
Presentation-performance by Kate Bevan-Baker (HUMA)

Bevan-Baker examines the Irish traditional music diaspora on Prince Edward Island, the movement and changes of this music over space and time, and its ability to cross borders and cultural barriers, as well as its role in society today.

Question Animals
Performance directed by Aaron Finbloom (HUMA)

A “Conversation Score” which takes a quote from Deleuze and Guattari's Thousand Plateaus and runs it through a multiplicity of performative dialogical enactments.

Voices from the Tapes: EVP, Aetheric Sound, and Apocryphal (Aural) Technologies
Presentation by Skot Deeming (INDI)

An account of the origins of Instrumental Trans-Communication devices in the 19th century through discussions of the artistic deployment of apocryphal technologies for “spirit communication”.

Perception et affectivité de la musique : Whitehead et la physique du son
Presentation-performance by
Hubert Gendron-Blais (HUMA)

An exploration of how the sensitive materiality of sound influences living beings and their environment, and the way it is perceived and created through music.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016,  4pm - 6pm, MB 8.265

All are welcome.

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