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Inclusive Journalism Project

March 11, 2016

News reports dealing with poverty and homelessness typically speak about the poor and the homeless… sometimes with them… but never to them. The Inclusive Journalism Project is a research initiative based at the Concordia Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism Studies whose goal is to work to change this. Thanks to support from donors to our crowd-funding campaign and The Concordian newspaper (, we hired three students to produce and publish stories on poverty and homelessness. The stories were produced in collaboration with their subjects; the specific story topics emanated from what their subjects were interested in talking about and the story-telling style is dialogic.

UQAM professor and CCBJS associate member Dr. Chantal Francoeur interviews Dr. Greg Nielsen, Dr. Mike Gasher, Matt D’Amours and Frank St-hilaire about the Inclusive Journalism Project.  See episode “Parler aux pauvres et non parler des pauvres”

You can read the stories here: ProjetJ website

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