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Mark Watson - Nipivut radio show

February 23, 2016

The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network recently ran a news report on Nipivut, a radio show for which CCBJS associate member Prof. Mark Watson is the executive producer:

With collaboration from Montreal Inuit community members, the Cabot Square Project and CKUT90.3FM, the principal goal of the bi-weekly Inuktitut language Montreal radio program is to help build an inclusive Inuit community by disseminating essential information to the Inuit in the greater Montreal area. It also aims to provide a voice for Inuit in the Montreal community. Listeners are encouraged to continue the conversations and debates inspired by the show through the use of social media. Through the use of live broadcasts, podcasts and the on-line archiving of the shows, this project seeks to use radio as a means of connecting Inuit living in the south with their families and friends in the north. Further information about the program can be found here:

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