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Israel Studies after October 7: A Summary by Randy Pinsky

December 18, 2023

In the overwhelming context of the Israel-Hamas war, the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies did what it does best: gathering together the top academics in the field for critical and timely discussions. As noted by Azrieli director Csaba Nikolenyi, “our lives have changed in a personal sense but also in a professional way; arguments we believe to be all about the history and identity of the Jewish state and its position in the broader Middle East, have been questioned, not only by the atrocity…and the nature of the war that followed…but also on campus and in the streets.”

Starting November 13, the institute hosted a four-part panel series exploring “Israel Studies After October 7: New Perspectives on Essential Debates” in partnership with the Azrieli Center for Israel Studies at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Part 1:
"What would Ben-Gurion Say? October 7th - Looking Back, Searching for Answers"

Part 2:
"Understanding The Zionist Idea - An Essential Toolkit for Combating Distortion"

Part 3:
"Decolonizing ‘De-colonization’: Revisiting Jewish Histories in the Middle East"

Part 4:
"Israel and the World after October 7: A Nation That Still Dwells Alone?"

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