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Concordia University wins the Jeux de la traduction

The Département d'études françaises finishes first at this 18th edition of the games
March 20, 2024

The 7-people team wearing red t-shirts and holding their trophee Photo by Jacques Boivin. In front: Lianne MacMillan. Back from left to right: Camille Champagne, Calixte Cybelle Barbara Ndongo Ndo, Stephen Amany, Megan Parker, Caeli Martineau, Mika Houle.

Concordia University proudly announces its victory at the 18th edition of the Jeux de la traduction, held at Université Laval from March 15 to 17. The team, comprising six dedicated students, a coach, and Professor Danièle Marcoux, emerged victorious amidst stiff competition.

Capturing the essence of camaraderie and achievement, team members Lianne MacMillan and Megan Parker shared their sentiments: "The Translation Games is about more than winning the Cup; it's about making friends, joining a community, and investing in yourself and your future."

The competition, steeped in tradition since its inception in 2006, witnessed Concordia University's prowess across various translation events. Their victory underscores not only linguistic finesse but also collaborative spirit and perseverance.

We extend our gratitude to the organizing committee and commend all participants for their dedication. For further details, visit the official website of the Jeux de la traduction.

For a glimpse into past victories and the history of the Translation Games, explore Concordia University's coverage from 2016.

Congratulations to all involved, and here's to continued success in fostering linguistic excellence and cultural exchange.

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