FAS celebrates annual Scholar Awards

Award winners celebrate a sense of community in the Faculty of Arts and Science
October 31, 2019
By Elisabeth Faure



Michaël Berteau-Rainville, Honours Physics Concentration: Physics, Minor Multidisciplinary Studies in Science, Member of Science College

The Physics department has warmly welcomed me, and I appreciated the fact that the department is small – I am used to small departments, where everyone knows everyone. I also discovered the Science College, in which I found a similar family atmosphere.

Both the Physics department and the Science College offered me many opportunities; in fact, there was everything I could want, or hope for, at Concordia, so the choice was easy to make.

 Learning at university requires learning a different way to think, which is an interesting process. My time at the University has considerably changed the way I see the world, and who I am – hopefully for the best.

It has been worthwhile to sacrifice a few hours of sleep here and there…on a more serious note, it is great to see your efforts recognized at the level of the Faculty! I especially like the fact that the Scholar Awards brings together people from all different fields together, under a common ideal of education.







Juliet Booker, Major, Journalism, Minor, Creative Writing, Minor, First Peoples’ Studies

I chose Concordia because it had programs in the three areas I wanted to study during my undergrad. Each of the programs offered classes that were small in size and often discussion-based.

I think it’s really important to engage critically with academic and journalistic writing, so being in classrooms where I had the opportunity to listen to the experiences, opinions and stories of the people around me has allowed me to do this in a more meaningful way.          

I finished my degree this spring. Studying journalism and First Peoples studies at the same time gave me a more nuanced understanding of the role Canadian news media and journalism schools play in the process of reconciliation. 

I was very honoured and excited when I found out I had been named a Scholar. I care a lot about the topics I was studying this past year and so it’s amazing to feel like the work I produced reflects that. Being named a Scholar definitely makes me want to pursue further education and continue researching in the areas I’m passionate about. 






Bianca Delisle, Major, Western Society and Culture, Minor, English

I chose Concordia because I am somebody who is passionate about both literature and the arts, and I knew that Concordia had a strong artistic community and many opportunities to get involved in various artistic endeavors. 

I am in the Liberal Arts program, which has not only allowed me to be part of a close-knit community, but to pursue intellectual endeavors I love. It is because of my program that I was able to develop my love for writing, since we hold poetry reading nights or poetry workshops. My professors have been extremely supportive and helpful in helping me attain my goals. I am extremely grateful for the Liberal Arts and for the values it has taught me.

Honestly, I don't see myself as a scholar just yet because I feel as though I have so much left to learn, to experience and to develop on as a student! However, to be recognized for the hard work and effort I have put in my studies is an honour. 

A lot of the best parts of the university exist outside the classroom. Through Concordia, there are tons of opportunities to get involved with the things that interest you. Whether it’s joining a club or going to a workshop, you can always find something to do or something new to learn.




Miles Murphy, School of Irish Studies, Major, Irish Studies


My journey to Concordia has, perhaps, been a little different from that of most students.  I returned to University after an absence of over forty years.  My intention was to continue a formal study of Irish language, literature, history and culture following a lifetime interest in my own background and heritage and to pursue an undergraduate degree that I never had the opportunity to complete.  Concordia was the only university to be able to provide me with both of those options.  In addition, Concordia has a high reputation in the Irish community as a centre of excellence for Irish studies.

The fact that my youngest son attended Concordia (and is now pursuing a second degree there) convinced me that this was the right place and right time for me.

It is a great honour to be named an Arts and Science Scholar.  I feel extraordinarily fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue my studies in my field of interest and, in addition, to be recognized for my academic achievements.  It is both a recognition of my lifelong learning accomplishments and the fulfillment of my dreams.

To any student thinking of attending Concordia I would say do it and do it now!  Concordia offers a diverse and inclusive culture and there are so many exciting and challenging opportunities and experiences.  I can’t say enough about the professors and the program staff who have helped and continue to help to enrich my academic journey.

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