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Where are we headed as a society?

Electives from Concordia’s Sociology and Anthropology Department shed light on complex issues
By Cristina Sanza

As 2017 comes to a close, we reflect on the year that was.

Thousands of survivors of sexual violence and misconduct came forward with their experiences via the #metoo movement, bringing the issue to the forefront of the news.

The Trump administration has marked its one year anniversary in the White House. Meanwhile, the North American population is aging rapidly.

For undergraduate students interested in learning about our ever-changing world, from a social, cultural or even technological perspective, an elective from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology could be an eye-opener.

“Our courses provide students with an opportunity to learn about diverse cultures and societies and theories about them,” says Aaron Brauer, undergraduate programs director for the department. “This in turn can help them understand the complexities of social and cultural life.”

Below is a list of the elective courses being offered this winter. There may be prerequisites for some, but they can be waived depending on what other courses you have completed.

SOCI 331 – Social Inequalities

SOCI/ANTH 355 – Urban Regions

SOCI 358 – Population Challenges of the 21st Century

SOCI 381 – Ethnic Communities in Canada

SOCI 329 – Sexual Labour and Society (Online)

SOCI 498 – Media Sociology and Journalism

For those interested in learning about the functions of social stratification, SOCI 331 – Social Inequalities will expose students to the impacts of economic divisions, social status and power, with a focus on Canadian society.

“This course is always timely because of the vast inequities that exist at many different levels of society,” says Brauer. “But the course provides historical and contemporary perspectives to contextualize many different phenomena.”

SOCI 498 – Media Sociology and Journalism, which is a special topics course, is being offered for the third time this winter term. Students will explore the recent changes in journalism practices and how the digital world has impacted information, public life and the news. For third-year journalism students, prerequisites for this course can be waived.

To register for an elective in sociology and anthropology, please consult your MyConcordia portal. For full course descriptions, consult the undergraduate calendar.


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