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What is AI and Why Should We Care?

Date & time
Tuesday, November 21, 2023
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Kim Sawchuk; Unmil Karadkar; Joanna Redden; Nelson Shen; Maroussia Lévesque


This event is free



The event “What is AI and Why We Should Care” is hosted by Seniors Action Quebec and co-organized by Aging in Data project. Chaired by Kim Sawchuk (Communication Studies), this webinar brings together a group of experts to discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) intersects with research on aging and care, what kinds of harms are associated with AI and aging, and privacy laws.

Presenters at this event include Aging in Data researchers, Dr. Unmil Karadkar of the University of Graz and Dr. Joanna Redden of the University of Western Ontario. The event will also spotlight the work of Dr. Nelson Shen of the University of Toronto and Maroussia Lévesque of Harvard Law School.

To register to this event, contact Seniors Action Quebec’s Ruth Pelletier at

To see more events organized by Seniors Action Quebec, please consult their website.

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