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AACEI 3-Minute Thesis Competition

Date & time
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
3:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.

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This event is free


AACEI-Montreal Section



In the 3-Minute Thesis Competition hosted by AACEI-Montreal Section, graduate students are challenged to present their thesis topic in 3 minutes and perfect their elevator pitch in front of a panel of academic and industry professionals. In addition, this year, undergraduate students are going to present some of their course projects that are related to AACEI areas of interest such as project management, cost engineering,..etc.

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Mohammadali Khazen, Master of Science, Concordia University. Project title: Monitoring Workers in Construction Sites through Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

Araham Martinez, PhD, Concordia University. Project title: Unveiling Transparency of Construction Processes through Automated Mining Techniques: A Study on Process Mining, Modeling, and Management in Construction

Amit Ojha, PhD, Pennsylvania State University. Project title: Human-Centric Non-Invasive Physiological Sensing System for Early Detection of Construction Workers' Heat Stress

Emilio J. Quintana, Master of Applied Science, Georgia Institute of Technology. Project title: INDUSTRY 4.0 AND SHORT-TERM OUTLOOK FOR AEC INDUSTRY WORKFORCE

Moises Carrasco, PhD, Concordia University. Project title: Application of mixed reality for improving architectural design comprehension effectiveness

Jinwoo Kim, PhD, Texas A& M University. Project title: Multi-modal bio-sensing of environmental distress of pedestrians for walkable built environment: an interdisciplinary approach

Shayan Jorjam, Master of Science, Concordia University. Project title: Stochastic 4D Simulation of Multi-purpose Utility Tunnels Construction Methods

Amirreza Mahpour, PhD, University of Toronto. Project title: Optimal Machine-Learning-Based Pavement Maintenance Considering Climate Change and Accuracy of Pavement Deterioration Curve

Danilo Caron, Master of Applied Science, University of British Columbia. Project title: Project Delivery with Indigenous Communities and Methods to Incorporate Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Shayan Shayesteh, PhD, University Park. Project title: An Evaluative Training Platform for Human-robot Collaboration in Construction

Yusheng Huang, PhD, Concordia University. Project title: Towards Near Real-time Digital Twins of Construction Sites: Developing High LOD 4D Simulation Based on Computer Vision and RTLS

Yizhi Liu, PhD, Pennsylvania State University. Project title: Worker-aware Human-Robot Coadaptation in Construction

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