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Lab Walk Through with Yves Gélinas

Date & time
Monday, November 22, 2021
10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

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For this lab walk through sub-series, 4th Space partnered with 3 current courses, led by Rebecca Duclos, Juan Ortiz Apuy, and Alice Jarry to allow their students, who are variously engaging in critical materiality, to have access to these visits with researchers live. Cecilia McKinnon, an intermedia artist and curator, is acting as our facilitator and interviewer for this series, and has gathered questions submitted by students from these courses.

Join Yves Gélinas as he shows us around the LEGO laboratory, part of the Geotop Strategic Research Network and the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Concordia University. Yves teaches in Analytical Environmental Chemistry with particular interests in studying the health of coastal aquatic ecosystems such as the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf, in relation to climate change and anthropogenic activities. His research is divided between an applied component related to the detection of organic contaminants in this and other aquatic ecosystems, as well as a more fundamental component focusing on the cycle of organic carbon in coastal environments and the effect of climate change on the exchanges of CO­2 between the atmosphere and the water column. The LEGO lab members exploit molecular (organic biomarkers) and stable isotope techniques to quantify the exchanges between sources and sinks of organic components, and to understand the processes that influence their transformation and fate. The research activities of the laboratory include frequent field work on oceanographic research vessels such as the R/V Coriolis II. In this episode, we meet Yves at the Science Pavilion building on the Loyola Campus.

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