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Lab Walk Through with Geneviève Moisan

Date & time
Thursday, November 11, 2021
10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

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This event is free



For this lab walk through sub-series, 4th Space partnered with 3 current courses, led by Rebecca Duclos, Juan Ortiz Apuy, and Alice Jarry to allow their students, who are variously engaging in critical materiality, to have access to these visits with researchers live. Cecilia McKinnon, an intermedia artist and curator, is acting as our facilitator and interviewer for this series, and has gathered questions submitted by students from these courses.

Join Geneviève Moisan as she shows us around the textiles + materiality research cluster, part of the Milieux Institute of Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University. Geneviève teaches in the Department of Studio Arts with particular interests in studying ancient textiles and textile related techniques like weaving and embroidery. She then applies the acquired analog knowledge to reproduce, enhance, and preserve the old techniques via the means of the digital textile equipment available at the lab. Working with researchers, different projects are created ranging from textile antennas, soft speakers, a wide range of wearables and soft circuitry, intricate Jacquard weavings, as well as different textile substrates to culture bacteria in order to develop a sustainable cloth dyeing protocol. In this episode, we meet Geneviève at the Engineering and Visual Arts Building.

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