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Supercontinent Live Coding Ensemble

A collaborative networked audio-visual live-coding performance by the #supercontinent ensemble on the estuary platform

Date & time
Wednesday, October 13, 2021
10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

This event is free


Eldad Tsabary



#supercontinent is an audio-visual collective-live-coding ensemble that brings together performers from across the globe. Beyond a wide range of time zones, #supercontinent unifies diverse artistic approaches through collective designs of strategic improvisatory stimulants, a free-flow of shared sound design, and utilizing the multilingual Estuary live-coding platform (designed in tandem with #supercontinent and other home-ensembles by the Networked Imagination Laboratory). The Estuary platform allows the ensemble to synchronize metric performances utilizing several live coding languages, including miniTidal, Punctual, CineCer0, Hydra, and others. 

The performance will be followed by a panel with #supercontinent performers: Shelly Knotts (UK), Mynah Marie (Portugal), Chiho Oka (Japan), Melandri Laubscher (South Africa), Celeste Betancur (Colombia), Jessica Rodriguez (Canada/Mexico), Abhinay Khoparzi (India), Eldad Tsabary (Canada).

How can you participate? Register for the Zoom webinar or watch live on YouTube

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