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Listening to the Library, a 4th Space Podcast & Conversation

Date & time
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Katherine McLeod, John Latour


This event is free





Join us online for a collective listening to a recent 4th Space podcast episode in which Concordia Library’s current researcher-in-residence Dr. Katherine McLeod sits down with John Latour to talk about the library as a sonic space of listening.

We’ll be listening to the episode online together with Katherine and John, followed by a Q&A. Participants will be encouraged to share their own favourite sounds from the library. When does the library, for you, become multi-sensory? When have you most noticed sound or silence in the library? And how have you listened to the library from a distance over this past year? 

Get ready to listen and to reflect upon the library as a sonic space – on your own as you listen, or in conversation with us!

How can you participate? Register for the Zoom meeting or watch live on our Facebook

Have questions? Send them to

About the podcast episode

For this episode, we invited Katherine to bring a selection of objects and sound recordings into 4th Space, hoping to make audible the sounds held within the Concordia Library collections and, simultaneously to engage in conversation with John about ‘reading’ or, rather, hearing the library as somatic.

Listen to the episode here.

Dr. Katherine McLeod researches archives, sound, and poetry and is an affiliated researcher with the SSHRC-funded partnership of SpokenWeb. Most recently, as a researcher-in-residence at Concordia Library, Katherine is working on “Listening to the Library,” a sensory based investigation into the audio-visual collections of Concordia’s Library. Find out more about the residency here.

John Latour is the Teaching & Research Librarian in Fine Arts at Concordia University and is a visual artist with an interest in artists’ books and questions of open access. 

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