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Transdisciplinary Intelligence Meets Positive Disruption: Decolonizing research with entrepreneurial resonance

Date & time
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

This event is free





In this workshop designed for artists, researchers, students, activists, and anti-colonialists, we're looking at "transdisciplinary intelligence" as the way to potentialize our agency into a privilege to be deployed activistically that allows us to generate agency beyond our own. By using our agency as such, we collectivize transformational agency and give it a system-wide institutional resonance.

By looking at action-research and creation-research tactically amplified through rebellious student leadership as a way to harness our collective agency, we're able to snowball social transformation transdisciplinarily from within the institution. Now, to activate that level of collective awakening and empowerment we break the academia open with a dialogue that decenters it by engaging entrepreneurship and digital media activism as other driving forces of radical resistance and transdisciplinary intelligence.

In this workshop we'll make these thoughts practical, implementation-ready, and highly actionable so that whoever you are and whatever space you hail from, you find a seat at the table and are empowered to contribute from your place of highest power, intersectional privilege, and agency.

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Workshop Facilitator

Chesline Pierre-Paul is a coach, solopreneur, media activist, and global thought leader. She is dedicated to using creativity & transdisciplinarity as a way to positively disrupt narratives of power & reverse the polarities of underprivilege & privilege so to empower racialized, non-binary allies into agency, positive visibility & self-governance. She is currently completing her MA in Translation Studies with a project on transracial Indigenous digital oral culture underway.

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