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Circular Economy as a Business Opportunity Series: Workshop

Date & time
Monday, May 17, 2021
12 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.



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About the Event

Batteries play a significant role in the clean revolution, providing a viable solution to decarbonize the energy and mobility sectors. On the other hand, they have a slew of negative environmental and social consequences. This must be done in a way that assures that violation of human rights and environmental impacts are eliminated across the value chain with a particular focus on sourcing of key materials.  Addressing this challenge will require the collaboration between private sector, governments and civil society to advance policy, standards and finance.

Jean Olemou will join us to discuss the "Traceability for Battery Value Chain," a global solution for securely sharing information and data to demonstrate responsibility and sustainability to consumers through a "quality seal," while enabling resource efficiency and reducing GHG emission across the battery life cycle. Based on a comprehensive definition of a "sustainable" battery, it will provide a digital representation of a battery that conveys information about all applicable environmental, social, governance, and lifecycle requirements. It will not only enable transparency, standardization, and tracking of the entire industry's progress over time.

Reasons to attend

  • Discover strategies used by investment professionals to promote circular economy principles
  • Familiarize yourself with how to address different risks and opportunities related to the circular economy within your ESG and financial analysis
  • Learn about which sectors and leaders or laggards 


  • Professionals and students from all backgrounds interested in the topic
  • Attendees of the Circular Economy as a Business Opportunity: From Circular to Regenerative Economies training session 

  • Individuals with a good fundamental understanding of the topic


About the Speaker

Jean Olemou is Co-founder and Principal of GreenDev, a Toronto based impact investing firm focused on accelerating the transition to the circular economy by leveraging the power of 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. He is a seasoned investment professional in the energy and sustainable infrastructure sector, covering all the stages of investing: sourcing, diligence, structuring and execution. He brings experience in circular economy innovation, climate-smart and sustainable infrastructure investment, impact investing, ESG and corporate sustainability in the Americas, Europe and Africa. Currently, he serves as a Board Member for Social Planning Toronto. Jean was featured by the 100 Magazine as a 2020 Top Canadian Professional. He was named as a Global Talent and invited to attend the UN SDG innovation lab (UNLEASH 2019) in Shenzhen, China. Jean is a sought-after expert advisor, public speaker and has a track record of advising international organizations on circularity and sustainability matters globally. He turns challenging circumstances into opportunities that promote sustainability. He remains under the belief that business, the public sector, NGOs and civil society can work together to drive societal and inclusive change to address our most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Be part of the Circular Economy as a Business Opportunity Series — Workshop! 

Series Overview

Transitioning to more efficient resource utilization could be addressed through circular economy. This Learning Lab will focus on various business models and innovations that can drive opportunities and create new markets. We will also discuss ways to adopt a circular economy as part of the value chain, new business models, doughnut economics and double materiality. 

Aggregated Resources

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