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Alumnus/Alumna profile

Hugo Bronckart

Bachelor of Arts 23
Specialization Communication Studies
Minor Diversity and the Contemporary World

“We create a lot in the program.”

Why Concordia?

I found out about the Quebec tuition exemption for students from Belgium, so I applied to Concordia and Universite de Montreal. Concordia was my first choice.

What’s it like moving from Belgium to Montreal?

Montreal is great because it’s a really good mix between Europe and North America. It’s not really a culture shock for me. I can still find anything I had in Europe. The weather, of course, is really different. I got used to it. It’s less depressing than winter in Belgium, actually - in Belgium in winter it’s cloudy, humid, rainy. The snow here is really exotic. It’s fun to see people skiing in the streets after a snow storm.

What is the best part about your program?

Comms Studies is a really small program and we have a lot of group projects, so it’s really easy to make friends. I wanted to be in a program where I could be creative, but I didn’t want to go into Fine Arts, because I don’t really see myself as an artist. I want to create media. At Concordia, it feels like the Communications Studies program is more creative than communications at other schools, where the emphasis is more on just theory. We create a lot in the program. I loved my intermedia class, and my sound class.

I was in a traditional high school, where I wasn’t really able to express my creativity. I’m really discovering a lot of the things I can do here.

Are you a member of any student clubs or organizations?

I’m planning on joining the COMS Guild. I’ve been to a few meetings, and two of my close friends are first year reps. It seems like a really cool student association, and they do a lot of events for Comms students.

What are your favourite things about studying in Montreal?

I love Montreal. I love the culture -- the arts scene is really great. I’ve had the opportunity to go to museums, go to concerts. I went to Igloofest, which was fun. I’m thinking about going to Osheaga this summer but I have to sort it out with my family in Belgium. There are so many events in Montreal that are affordable for students.

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