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Yuki Kéké Tam

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Utilizing image and written word, Kéké examines every day tasks and objects, contending that they constitute meaningful practices of resilience. She believes that even the most ordinary objects and actions have the potential of storytelling. Her often philosophical and sometimes didactic works investigate how fragmented memories can retain information. She focuses on autofictive retellings of intimacy, persistence, and how love always lingers. The works are autofictive, in that they are simultaneously autobiographical and fictitious. She uses play and parody to require attentiveness and vulnerability from the viewer. While many works make evident negative emotions and displeasure to dismantle myths of colonialism and multiculturalism, her research-creation is a process of healing and deep medicine.

Yuki Kéké Tam (she/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator of Chinese descent living in the land known as Canada. She received her Bachelors of Arts from York University with a double major in Human Rights & Equity Studies and Fine Arts. She comes from a long line of makers and thinkers who believe that art is a democratic and social practice. She is interested in developing pedagogies of care in her teaching and studio work. You will find her frequenting cafes as an ex-barista and unqualified coffee enthusiast.

Yuki Kéké Tam
Yuki Kéké Tam
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