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Student profile

Aurélie Petit

Aurélie Petit (she/her) is a PhD candidate in the Film and Moving Image Studies program at Concordia University, Montreal. Her dissertation examines the relationship between reactionary online cultures and Japanese animation in the United States, with a focus on exclusionary discourses towards marginalized communities. Steaming from this project, she is looking into the circulation of pornographic animation on streaming platforms. Aurélie will be working with Tarleton Gillespie at the Social Media Collective, Microsoft Research to research the limits of automated content moderation on Pornhub regarding animated child pornography. Additionally, she is the new AI + Society Initiative Research Fellow in AI and Inclusion at the CRAiEDL STEAM Collective at the University of Ottawa.

  • June 2020: Fine Arts Travel Award
  • November 2019: Conference and Exposition Award
  • June 2019: Conference and Exposition Award
  • 2018-2021: Faculty of Fine Arts Fellowship
  • 2018-2019: Merit Award Scholarship

Supervisor: Dr. Marc Steinberg

Thesis: Investigating the Impacts of Negative Networks: Anime fandom and the Alternative-Right

Research Interests:

animation, platforms, pornography, streaming, digital humanities


  • FMST 320: Digital Media and Animation (Instructor Fall 2022)
  • FMST 398: Studies in Fandom (Instructor Winter 2022)
  • FMST 392: Queer Cinema (TAship Fall 2021)
  • FMST 320: Digital Media and Animation (TAship Winter 2021)
  • FMST 398: Cinema and the Internet (TAship Fall 2020)
  • FMST 218: The History of Animated Film (TAship Winter 2020)

Selected Publications:

Petit, A. 2022. “Do female anime fans exist?”: The impact of women-exclusionary discourses on rec.arts.anime. Internet Histories. 

Petit, A. (ed.) 2022. Anime Streaming Platform Wars. Platform Lab Research Report. Issue 1.  

Twitter: @aurelievpetit


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