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Alumnus/Alumna profile

Melissa Kahronienhawi McGregor

BFA 17
Implementing creative skills and technologies in to teach visual arts and interior design

My name is Melissa Kahronienhawi McGregor. I am a teacher, artist, designer and mother. After years of teaching Interior Design, I entered the Art Education program at Concordia and graduated with a Quebec teaching Brevet. I have since taught in middle school, covering topics such as Language Art, Math and Science.

Tell me about yourself — Who are you?

My name is Melissa Kahronienhawi McGregor. I graduated from Concordia in 2017. I have always been interested in the visual arts since I started art classes in high school. I am more interested in three-dimensional artwork and prefer to build sculptures, however I am also comfortable using other traditional mediums, general media and newer digital visual arts technologies. I am currently dabbling in graphic design and may pursue additional classes in this field.

What are you doing right now? How does your present work relate to art and art education?

After graduating from Concordia, I spent my first two years as a substitute teacher which brought me a variety of valuable experiences. I am currently finishing a contract teaching middle school. It has proven to be very challenging yet rewarding and exciting. I implemented many of the creative skills and technologies I learned at Concordia in my middle school class. I also teach online Interior Design courses that cover many different visual arts and techniques. My education has given me more in-depth knowledge for our online discussions.

How did Concordia’s ARTE program prepare you for what you are presently doing?

The ARTE program was challenging and really opened my eyes to the needs of our students. Through my short experiences substituting, I realize that my education at Concordia has exposed me to advanced thinking, theories and methods that are slowly being realized throughout the education system. It is rewarding to have the opportunity to share my experiences which benefit my colleagues and my pupils. There are so many skills that I have learned in the ARTE program that have helped me achieve success with my classes.

Describe one of your positive formative experiences while you were in the program at Concordia

It has been such an exciting adventure to have the opportunity to use the many advanced technologies and tools available at Concordia but I cannot forget the amazing teachers and technicians I met and learned from along the way. Creating a sculpture with the help and guidance of Mark Prent has been the highlight of my studio classes. An experience I will always treasure and brag about. All these individuals have inspired and motivated me more than they will ever know. I am thankful for the experience. Nia:wen.

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