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Student profile

Kathryn Armstrong

Thesis supervisor: Charles Acland

Thesis title: To be determined 

Kathryn Armstrong (she/her) is a SSHRC Research Fellow and PhD Candidate of Concordia’s Communication Department. Her work examines the Canadian public media system, including Canada’s approach to international media distribution and its handling at the governmental level of content development and digital content platforms. Kathryn specializes in Canada’s international treaty co-production partnerships and how Canadian media producers forge these collaborations. She holds two Master’s degrees from the University of Toronto (Cinema Studies) and Toronto Metropolitan University (Media Production), as well as an Honours Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto’s Cinema Studies Institute. Kathryn utilizes her professional experience alongside with her academic expertise in her current PhD research. Her past work in producer advocacy at the Canadian Media Producers Association as well as her management of international director and producer relations for the Toronto International Film Festival continue to drive her research inquiries. Kathryn often attends academic conferences including the Film Studies Association of Canada and the TIFF/Sheridan College’s NextGen Seminar. She has also appeared as a media analyst in defence of film and arts support, including her recent spot on CBC’s The National. 



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