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Student profile

Elina Lex

Thesis supervisor: Monika Gagnon
Thesis title: TBD

Elina Lex is an interdisciplinary researcher, media artist and PhD student in Communication Studies at Concordia University. Working across VR, 360° video, sensory ethnography, interactive documentary, site-specific storytelling and digital archives, she investigates how emerging media might transform the way cultural information, knowledge and memory is expressed and exchanged. Her current doctoral research-creation project explores applications of VR (and XR) in the design of archival interfaces and architectures, examining how they might produce new ways for diverse audiences to access, share, preserve, and interpret cultural heritage material. Elina is an active member of the Post-Image research cluster at the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture, and Technology, the Hexagram Network for Research-Creation, as well as a researcher in the Technology: Innovation working group of Archive/Counter-Archive.

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