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Student profile

Yangzi Che

Thesis supervisor: Stella C. Chia

Yangzi Chen completed her undergraduate studies in Philosophy at Wuhan University, followed by a Master's degree in the Theory of Literature and Art, with a particular focus on cultural studies. Yangzi worked for two years as a marketing specialist and brand production coordinator. She actively participated in start-up branding initiatives and gained hands-on experience in film and TV commercial shooting programs. Yangzi's academic interests primarily revolve around the role of mass media in shaping gender norms. Her research aims to unveil the underlying misogyny and patriarchy prevalent in Chinese media, while simultaneously exploring innovative approaches to addressing this social dilemma.


Publication: Song, L., and C. Yangzi. “The Research Transformation and Main Trends of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture in the United States.” Journal of Chinese Literature of National Taipei University, vol. 16, no. 1, 2021, pp. 159-190.

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