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Student profile

Warsame Isse

Thesis supervisor: Elizabeth Miller

Warsame Isse is an emerging Somali Diasporic Multimedia artist and researcher based in Tiohtià:ke/ Montreal. He graduated from Concordia University with a BA in Communication Studies, and a BA in Western Society and Culture (2021). He is currently pursuing an MA in Media Studies at Concordia University. His research-creation thesis focuses on the application of Black Technopoetics; the innovative use or development of technology by Black artist for creative expression, in the Somali Diaspora to counter-archive in a more immersive and embodied manner. He aims to investigate how various forms of media can allow people to express the more ineffable aspects of memory, language, and the Diasporic experience.

Warsame has TAed for Intermedia II for Fall 2022 - Winter 2023 supervised by Razan AlSalah and Teresa Connors.

Thesis title or subject: Circuit Bending the Hypersoul: Somali Identity and Black Technopoetics (Working Title)


  • Warsame Isse, “Manifesting Afro-Diasporic Cultures through Rituals, & Spaces”. Corpus, Vol. 4 Issue 1, 2021, pp 49-56.
  • Warsame Isse. 2021. “Reer Guuraa”. Film exhibited at the Montreal BIPOC Film Festival.
  • Warsame Isse. 2021. “Isdhexgal”. Film exhibited at the Nocturne Halifax Liminal Festival.
  • Warsame isse. 2021. “Dayoobid”. Film exhibited at the Digital (Im)materiality Conference.
  • Warsame Isse. 2022 “Sheekada Bankii Naagi Taagnayd”. Film exhibited at the Creative Counter Memorialization Symposium.
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