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Student profile

Mariana Bilokin

Thesis supervisor: Matt Soar

Thesis title: TBD

Ana is a first-year MA student in the Media Studies program at Concordia University where she also completed her undergraduate degree, a specialization in Communication Studies. Throughout her degree Ana focused on her creative practice in the Intermedia program, participating in two group shows with her fellow classmates: In House and the In-Between Collective Vernissage. She is now working as a Teaching Assistant for Intermedia II. In her MA studies Ana is working on a research-creation thesis that draws on Indigenous epistemologies as well as the fields of posthumanism, media ecology, multispecies communication, sensory studies and anthropocene studies to explore how (and if) digital media can be used as a tool to transform our relationship to the senses and work against capitalist notions of progress. She is also interested in engaging with both the materiality and cultural significance of mushrooms as an entry point into these questions, especially as they relate to the process of decomposition. Her MA thesis research is supported by the Top Concordian Graduate Entrance Scholarship and she is a member of the Feminist Media Studio. 

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