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Student profile

Aviva Majerczyk

Thesis supervisor: Stefanie Duguay

Aviva Majerczyk holds a BA in Communications and Cultural Studies with a minor in Religions and Cultures from Concordia University. Her MA research is focussed on the emotional politics of online anti-trans hate movements, specifically located in TikTok. With a theoretical background in extremist movements, online identity, and converging feminism(s), she is interested in the current anti-gender political shift. A writer and media-maker, Aviva also produces freelance cultural criticism and hosts a long-running radio show on CJLO 1690AM.

Thesis title or subject: Affective Economies of 'Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminist' Discourses on TikTok 


Academic: Majerczyk, A. (2021). The Blending of Religious and Secular Space in Outremont, Quebec. The Medium: Concordia University’s Undergraduate Journal of Communications and Cultural Studies. 7.

Journalistic: Majerczyk, A. (2021, June 29) TikTok Can Be a Great Place to Share About Judaism. Until It’s Not. Hey Alma.

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